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Get The First Xbox One!

The brand new Xbox One realese date was just leaked by Toys R Us the other day.  The hottest new gaming system in years is coming soon. Be one of the first to get yourself the all new Xbox One game and entertainment console from Microsoft - participation required. All details apply.


Win a New Dell Ultrabook!

Participate to receive the new Dell Ultrabook XPS 13 for FREE! This giveaway was brought to you by our sponsors at Brand Deal's Online. Valid participants must be over 18 yrs old, and must live in the United States. Get rid of that old and slow PC today, and get your chance to upgrade to a ultra book completely free!


We're Personally Giving-Away 1 Free iPad Mini!

05/22/2013 - Click Connect to get started, our winner will be announced on our national holiday July 4th! 


  1. Must be over 17yrs of age.
  2. You must be a member of our site (look to the top right to register).
  3. Must share our page w/ atleast 2 Social Networks (more shares = more entries)
  4. Must complete atleast 1 of our free offers by our sponsors.
  5. Click connect to get started!


Get a Free Samsung Galaxy S4!

The innovative Samsung Galaxy 4! You simply cant deny it's new ground breaking technology that instantly sets it apart! The Samsung Galaxy S4 has Android 4.2.2, a fantastic camera, a powerful quad-core processor, and software solutions for just about every scenario -- including working as a TV/DVR remote. It's also comfortable in hand and has NFC, a user-replaceable battery, and a microSD storage slot. This is one serious smartphone that isnt to be taken lightly, and here's your chance to get one for FREE! *With this Giveaway you must be 18+ and participation is free.*


Win 3 Months of Free Groceries!

Win three months of free groceries! Surfers who participate in this Giveaway can win up to $1,500 worth of groceries and will also have access to great coupons for such products as Windex, Yoplait, Hamburger Helper and much more! *All entries are free and participants must be over 18yrs old and live in the United States.*


Win a $25 Nike Gift Card

Free $25 Nike Gift Card

We have a couple Giveaways for you today, and one is Nike! Now whether you want a new pair of Sneakers, Cleats, Jerseys, Sports Gear, Clothings, Nike ID's, or Fuel Bands, Nike has it all!! Claim Your $25 Nike Gift Card by Completing Our Nike Survey and start shopping today!


Get a Free NFL Jersey!

Win a Free NFL Jersey

I know, I know, it's all about the NBA Playoffs right now and NFL season is over.. blah blah blah! Let's Face it, if you're a die hard Football fan like me then it doesnt matter what time of the year it is.. heck, even time of day! Well for you die hard NFL fans that want a fresh jersey before the season starts, here's your chance! Get a free jersey on behalf of brand-deals giveaways! *Participation is free and for anyone who completes the requirements* USA only offer!


Win a New Microsoft Surface!

  • Free Microsoft Surface
    The New 2013 Surface Pro Tablet from Microsoft
  • Free Microsoft Surface
  • Free Microsoft Surface
  • Free Microsoft Surface
  • Free Microsoft Surface
  • Free Microsoft Surface
Free Microsoft Surface
The New 2013 Surface Pro Tablet from Microsoft

Enter for your chance to win the new revolutionary Microsoft Surface! A powerhouse laptop in tablet form, Surface Pro brings together the best of Microsoft in one awesome new device. These Giveaways was brought to you by "Brand Deals" and has the retail value of $899! *Currently for the US only, participation is free, and all winners will be notified via e-mail*


Free Coffee For a Year?

Free Coffee for a Year

Yes, you heard me right! Today's new Giveaways prize, is Free Coffee every day of the week for a year! (a $1000 value!) The sponsers of Brand Deal Online, have an incredible offer for all Coffee lovers (like myself). You get the choice of Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme, Tim Horton's, Coffe Bean & Tea Leaf, and Caribou Coffee! This prize does require participation, but heck! Who can pass this up?


Enter To Win 1 of 3 Prizes!

Win a free $1000 gift card

Part of today's Giveaway is brought to you by the sponsors of "Big-Giveaways". Enter to win a $1000 Gift Card for Cash, Gas, or Target! Your participation is free and only takes a few minutes to enter! *All winners will be notified by telephone, e-mail or postal mail.*


Win A 13'' Macbook Air!

Free Macbook Air

Enter for a chance to win the thin and light, yet rock solid, 2013 Macbook Air & pick the color of your choice! This Sweepstake Giveaway is brought to you by "GiantGiveaways" and only for US residents 18 and older! Your participation is free, like all of our giveaways and only takes a few minutes to enter! *Selected winners will be notified via e-mail or telephone*


Get A iPhone 5 for FREE!

Get a Free iPhone 5

Who doesn't want a iPhone 5? One of the slimest, sexiest, and most powerful phone on the market today! Well here's the opportunity you've all been waiting for! Get a new iPhone 5 for FREE, just click the button below and submit your info:

Warning: You will have to do a survey (but is it worth a IPhone 5? you decide)


$5000 Cash Sweepstakes!

$5000 Sweepstakes

Alrighty guys! This is one of our Sweepstakes for the month of May! Surfers who participate in this campaign will be entered into a draw for $5,000 and receive a free account to Free Lotto where they could win millions of dollars! Enter today - Winners will be announced in about 40 days!


Get a $25 Kohl's Gift Card

Free $25 Kohl's Gift Card

The Kohl's Spring Savings Event has started and the sponsors of "On-Demand Research" have given you the oportunity to get a $25 Kohl's Gift Card! On-Demand Research will give each participant a $25 gift card for completing a survey about your current shopping / spending habbits! *This giveaway is for the USA only*

Become A Mystery Shopper

Become a Mystery Shopper

We've all heard of them, but do the really exist? The answer is YES! Mystery shoppers everywhere, are getting paid for there shopping experience. The concept of getting paid to shop is overwelming in itself! So how do you become one? The catch is that there are thousands everyday looking for the same thing, and getting a position is hard! But don't worry we have your back, to apply or learn more about it click the button below. Currently for the U.S. only!

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